How to Sell Your House During a Pandemic

How to Sell Your House During a Pandemic

  • 08/20/20

Austin is in one of the most extreme seller’s markets the city has ever seen. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding Covid-19, a lot of people are hesitant to sell their homes right now. Fortunately, this creates an excellent time for sellers to sell their house, not only quickly, but often above the asking price.

Safety is of the highest priority in these uncertain times. Here are a few things you should know to sell your home safely during Covid-19.

Covid-19 Release Form

This form helps ensure that buyers and agents haven’t recently been in a high-risk situation or possibly have Covid-19 themselves. It will help minimize the likelihood of someone with the virus from entering your house.

Buyer’s Proof of Financial Means

Have all potential buyers provide a pre-qualification letter or bank statement. Doing this will ensure that only people who can actually buy are coming through your house.

Virtual Tours

3D mapping technology has come a long way. Offering a 3d tour, similar to this one here, is a great way to give potential buyers a good feel for your home before ever going inside. Not only does it shorten the average amount of time that buyers spend in your house, but it also helps weed some of them out.

Only Show on Weekends

Limit the time that you have people coming into your house. This helps prevent the amount of disturbance to your life and clean-up that might be needed afterward.

Weekend Airbnb

Staying at an Airbnb over the weekend makes the selling process easier. Consider taking a mini staycation while your house is being shown. You won’t have to worry about where to go and you minimize your risk of exposure.

Require Masks

We provide masks on-site at all our listings. Require every guest to wear one to limit your home’s overall exposure.

One of the keys to taking advantage of this unique time is to work with a professional. It is essential to price your home correctly. If not, you risk having it sit on the market. Sitting on the market means more people going through your house, more staycations, etc. When accurately priced, many sellers are seeing multiple offers the first weekend their house hits the market!

Call or email us to further explore safely and effectively taking advantage of this incredible seller’s market.

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