Bouldin Bits #1 – Every House in Bouldin will be Gone in 20 Years

  • Aaron Scruggs
  • 10/16/20

Of course, the idea of every Bouldin home getting bulldozed is ridiculous. But that’s what the last 20 years of sales data suggests will happen. Regardless, the fact is new construction is replacing the neighborhood’s oldest homes at an aggressive rate. 

In 1999, the average build-year of homes sold in Bouldin was 1944. Since then, the average build-year of homes sold generally increased by two years annually.

If this trend maintains, in 20 years, the average home sold will be 40 years newer than it is today. Last year, the average year built was 1980. So that means, in 2040 all Bouldin homes that sell will have been constructed this year. 1980 + 40 = 2020.

Below, you can see how the average year built has progressed since 1999.

While 2020 isn’t over yet, the average build-year for the 77 houses already sold is 1982. Notably, this research is precisely what the trendline would suggest.

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