Keys in door

Seller's Journey

Begin With The End In Mind

Imagine selling your house at the upper end of what the market is willing to pay.  What would that look like?  It starts with a comprehensive marketing plan and ends with higher net returns. Learn more about our proven process that maximizes seller’s ROI.

Professionally Staged

Leave nothing to chance

We collaborate with Blanton Design & Staging on every listing. Depending on the property this ranges from making strategic edits to completely furnishing the rooms that matter most.


First impressions matter

What is the first thing you look at when shopping for a new house?  The photos?  Yep, everyone does!  Real Estate Photography isn’t about documenting every detail of a  property. It is about capturing the buyer’s interest and making them want to dig a little deeper.  Equal parts art & science, great photographers use twilight shots, the rule of thirds, the Fibonacci series, and a lot of photoshop to transform your home into someone’s aspirational lifestyle.


Eye-catching! Ain’t it?

3D Tour

let them obsess

They’ve looked through the photos dozens of times.  The video has been looping on their desktop.  There is only one thing left to.  Let them obsess!  Give them a chance to imagine their furniture in your house and they’ll come with the offer of your dreams.

Single Property Website

put it all together

Think about it.  All of the nicest homes on the market have their own webpage and domain name.  Your home deserves to be among the best in the Austin market.


Competitive Market Analysis

Gain deep insight into the value of your home with pricing specific data visualization tools. Explore more than just the comparable homes; understand your current competition as well.

Price Range

Pricing your home is not a one size fits all activity. We’ll help you match your goals with the most appropriate price range.

The Brand

We work with Sotheby’s is because brand matters. Leveraging a luxury brand name allows us to confidently explore the upper end of your properties’ price range.

It All Starts Here