Preferred Lenders

 Aaron Scruggs    December 31, 2020

Choosing the right lender is (almost) as important as choosing the right agent. The right lender does more than just offer great rates; they make sure the deal gets done.

We recommend that you build a relationship with a lender early in the home buying process. They will provide you with a pre-qualification letter (essential for a strong offer). Additionally, they can help you prepare the paperwork necessary for getting a loan.

Additionally, we recommend working with a local lender. Some properties in Austin have idiosyncrasies that out of town lenders don’t know how to navigate. (Ask us about the commonality of defunct HOA’s if you want to know more about this.)

Here are a few local lenders that we like working with:

Colette Phillip
First United Bank
(512) 775-4182

Kim Boring
Domain Mortgage

Charlie Cooper
Austin Capital Mortgage
(512) 891-0778