Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

 Julianna Scruggs    September 17, 2021

Maintaining your home can be a daunting task, but it’s the best way to preserve your home value and investment. With Fall just around the corner (ignoring the current 100 degree Austin heat) here are 3 tips to get your home Autumn ready!

Remove Wet Leaves
Water is your home’s enemy and not just from obvious water damage. Leaves hold moisture, which attracts insects, so make sure you rake up your leaves especially near the foundation!

Clear your Gutters
Keeping your gutters clear is crucial to your home’s structural integrity. Luckily there’s an easy fix! Gutter guard installation can save you easy money and from the extra work of cleaning them out. 

Check your Sealant
Austin’s oppressive summer sun can deteriorate sealant, which is essential to secure your windows and doors from- you guessed it- water leakage. Make sure to check your whole house, anywhere that water can sneak its way in. 

We know you need contractors so we’re offering you some options. Keep in mind we can’t be accountable for their work, but here are some referrals to help get you started!

Leaves: https://www.lawnstarter.com/

Gutters: https://guttertechtx.com/

Sealant:  https://domainconstructionatx.com/ or https://republicbuildingco.com/

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