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Anyone who knows Julianna knows she is obsessed with real estate. She believes our homes play a significant role in shaping our lives. Her passion is helping people design their best life through real estate.

Julianna began her career as a video game designer, designing virtual worlds and storylines for virtual characters. After 8 years in this industry, her career interests grew towards helping real people develop their own personal stories. She enjoys problem-solving and found the financial aspect of real estate to be one of the most intriguing problems she’d encountered.

Throughout her career in real estate, she has built homes from scratch and remodeled existing homes to better fit the market and the homeowners. She cares deeply about understanding the needs of the people she helps. Julianna is an expert at helping others use real estate to shape their future and live their best life. Navigating City code is a process with which she is deeply familiar. Her greatest pleasure is helping people transform their real estate dreams into reality.

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