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Julianna is top 50 Luxury Real Estate Advisor at Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty. Throughout her career in real estate, she has built homes from scratch and remodeled existing homes to better fit the market and the homeowners. She cares deeply about understanding the needs of the people she helps. Julianna is an expert at helping others use real estate to shape their future. Navigating City code is a process with which she is deeply familiar. She most enjoys problem-solving and found the financial aspect of real estate to be one of the most intriguing problems she’d encountered.

She is so passionate about solving problems with good quality data that she built custom tools to get market insights based on data no one else has. Better data and insights means smarter investment strategies, which means you can find the best opportunities and markets to pursue, which means less risk, maximum returns, and more capital for you to grow and reinvest.

In her career, she has learned how to leverage better real estate data to find ideal investment opportunities for her clients and herself. She has successfully used this data to provide outsized returns by analyzing the latest market trends, identifying the best investment opportunities, and using data to gain an edge while brokering purchases and sales. Are you interested in using up-to-the-minute on and off-market sales data to inform your next investment? Julianna would love to chat with you about your goals and projects you can explore together.


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