Aaron & Julianna Art

Aaron was CTO of a successful startup in Austin when he and his wife, Julianna, decided to build their dream home. They imagined how each window would capture the afternoon sun, and the play of light through the metal staircase. They dreamed of bedrooms for a family, a piano studio, a guest house, and a detached office. Maybe someday they would start a business together…

These dreams might have seemed too far-reaching for people of their means. But Aaron and Julianna had a passion for real estate, and decades of experience buying, renovating and selling homes. Aaron wrote custom code to identify opportunities and calculate risks better than any real estate advisor could do for them. They used their tools and experience to create the home and life they wanted.

In 2018, Aaron began sharing his tools and passion for real estate with others. Together, they help people transform the height of their imagination into reality.

The Scruggs Group is founded on real estate experience and relationships. They hold themselves to an unrivaled standard of service. Their service is designed with empathy for the exclusive purpose of helping others. Every human they help enjoys access to bespoke tools and an impeccably organized experience.

While the Scruggs Group helps people find and market their homes more effectively than any other team, they’re not just there for the sale. They’re there to help and advise on all homeownership needs. Aaron and Julianna use their complementary skill sets and expert knowledge of Austin’s housing market to give people the information they need to make better real estate decisions. Aaron’s custom coded search tools reveal more opportunities to buy, improve, and sell properties. The many what-ifs can be answered with the help of Julianna’s expert knowledge of construction, City code, and design.

Those who work with Aaron and Julianna enjoy the certainty of knowing every real estate opportunity that’s available to them. They’re empowered to better-calculate risks and make better decisions. They enjoy a more professional and organized real estate experience. While many of the Scruggs’ business relationships start with a simple call, they’re maintained by focusing on the success of the people they serve.

Our Team

Aaron Scruggs Headshot

Aaron Scruggs

Real Estate Advisor
David Schneider Headshot

David Schneider

Broker Associate
Greg Cooper Full

Greg Cooper

Broker Associate
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Julianna Scruggs

Real Estate Advisor